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Our recent news:


Today our lovely liver male, Flipper Player has moved to his new nice family to Satu Mare, Romania!


Dolly is 39. days pregnant, we are waiting her full liver litter in the end of March, it will be our G-litter!


Bianca has been started her season, we are planning to mate her very soon , so coming our H-litter too!


In that year we are not planning more litters out of "G" and "H", but we still take bookings for that 2 litters!






Dolly is today after 29. days from her mating, today we took her to ultrasound and we saw many many embrioes!

Our G-litter will be born in the end of March!

Still puppies available!


We are waiting for the spring, in the middle of the pics the happy pregnant Dolly :-)






Today we had a very busy day with our F-litter:

Today we had a litter exam under the rules of the Hungarian Dog Breeding Club and we got very great judgement of our litter, so we are happy!


In the same day we went to Budapest with our little spotties to make their BAER hearing test, we tested 5 puppies and great news that all of them have bilateral hearing!


At the veterinarian centre we met one very famous hungarian actress, Judit Schell and it was grateful to made a photo with her! Thank you!




The long trip with the puppies on the motorway:



Some rest:



And today 3 puppies of our F-litter went to their new lovely homes, all will live in Budapest! New pics of the happy meeting and the first satisfied picturs from the new owners, thank you!




Photos from the new homes taken at 8 weeks:


Fanni (Funny Girl):




Fantom (Fantom Favourite):




Dorel (Football Crazy):





And some photos from yesterday, from the preparing, bathing and last playing together with the littermates and with my son and nephew!


















Bianca and Oliver put their breeding exam!

A tenyészszemlén elérhető 100 pontból Olivér 94, míg Bianka 90 pontot ért el!

Gratulálunk nekik!

Oliver and Bianca, our two own breed dals of our B-litter now put their breeding exam very suiccessfully!








F-Alom hírek:

A kiskutyák microchipezve lettek és orvosi vizsgálaton estek át.

Minden kiskutya foglalva.


Fortuna Queen




Dolly fedeztetve lett

G-Almunk születését március végére várjuk!


Szülők: Dolly&Junior

Kizárólag barna pettyes kiskutyák fognak születni a tervezett párosításból!

Előjegyzést még korlátozott számban felveszünk!

Érdeklődni telefonon(30/372-25-42 vagy emailen)









F-Almunk 5 hetes!





Funny Girl


Full For Love


Fortuna Queen





Fantom Favourite



Flipper Player



Football Crazy




F-Almunk 4 hetes!




black female #1


one blue eye



black female #2


black female #3


liver female


2013.12.24.-2014.01.28. (put to sleep)




liver male #1



liver male #2


liver male #3




F-Almunk 3 hetes lett!





Black girl #1



Black girl #2



Black girl #3



liver girl



liver male #1



liver male #2



liver male #3





F-Almunk 2 hetes lett!/ Our F-Litter is 2 weeks old!



Black girl #1




Black girl #2





Black girl #3




liver girl




liver male #1




liver male #2




liver male #3






Boldog Új Évet Kívánunk!!! / Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!




F-Almunk 9 napos :-)


Első egyéni fotóik:-)


fekete szukák:






barna szuka:


barna kanok:







Kellemes Karácsonyt!!!!!!/Merry Christmas!!!!!


Megszülettek a kiskutyák!!!!/ We have puppies!!!!


Reggel 8 órakor megszületett F-betűs almunk, micsoda Karácsonyi ajándék! :-)

Jázmin vemhesége 63. napján életet adott 7 kicsi kölyöknek, 4 szuka (1 barna és 3 fekete) és 3 barna kan született!

Jázmin és a kicsik is jól vannak, egészségesek!


Today at 08.00 am were born our F-litter, what a Christmas present! :-)

Jasmine at her 63. days of her pregnancy gave birth for 7 puppies, we got 4 females (1 liver and 3 black spotted) and 3 liver males!

Jasmine and babies are doing great, all are healthy.









Jázmin 61 napos vemhes, étvágya még töretlen, hőmérséklete 37,5 C, tej már megjelent...

Már csak 1-2 nap maradt az F-alom megszületéséig!









Jázmin is 59 days pregnant, puppies will born very-very soon!!!!













New Champion from our breeding:


Spotted Angels Cloud Dancer!

























Jázmin is 46 days pregnant today! 2,5 more weeks to go!!!!



















Puppies Expected at Christmas Time!!!!!


All of our puppies can move to their new home after their 8 weeks old with vaccinations, with devormes in every two weeks, microchipped, registered, export pedigree, contract. We can make BAER hearing test if the new owner is want it. We give them with their favourite toys, a blanket with their mummy's smells, a pack of pet food and very well socialized.


We are breeding dalmatians under the rules of the Hungarian Kennel Club (FCI).


We can help about shipping to everywhere!!!


If you are interested, do not hesitate, please contact us!


This combination is inbreeding Perdita's Kiss me Betetr and the very famous Spotnik's S-litter.



























Jilloc's Vic Junior

Spotty Diamant Champagne Jázmin






















/ inbreeding Perdita's Kiss Me Better/




HJun. Champion

Serbian Champion

BAER +/+


Jilloc's Vic Junior




Spotnik's Viking Victory


Int CH

WW'02, EW' 03,

ECDC Winner'03,

BOB Cruft's 02


Spotnik's Special Selection


N CH. Spotnik’s Quick Quackery


S N CH. Spotnik’s Milkmaid



Perdita's Kiss Me Better



Dalmo's Educated Edgar




Perdita's Long Live Love




Jilloc's Reflection In A Mirror









Jilloc's A Man In The Mirror





Rocca Al Mare Allegro Ad Jilloc's


Ridotto Zoe


Timanka's Miracle Of Love





Timanka's Daylight Robbery





Timanka's Close Enough


HJCh, HCh, HGrCh, RoCH, SrbCH

Spotty Diamant Champagne Jázmin


All teeth

lemon gene: free


ICH. Panthera Unica Star at Sea

BAER +/+

HD 0/0

ICH T-Cart Man Of Gold

HD 0/0 ED 0/0
BAER +/+
DNK tested
Lemon gene: free

Knight of Gold at Theakston
Int-Nord-Dk-Lux Ch

ICH T-Cart Irish Coffee
Int-Nord-S-Dk Ch
ICH Fortuna de GabriTho

HD 0/0
BAER +/+
Hr, H, Slovakian CH

T-Cart Black Baboo
Int-Nord-Dk Ch

ICH T-Cart Zilwra
A-Cro-Cz-Dk-H-Nord-Sk-S Ch

CH. Albicans Florentina


HCH, Ro Ch,

Champions of Champions '08

Spotnik’s White Winter

N & S CH

Spotnik Snow Storm


Spotnik’s Primadonna

Int. N, S, DK, Nordic Ch. SV'97

Paper Moon’s Cooee

S Ch & Fin Ch & FinW’ 05

Spotnik’s Unbottoned Uniform
Int N Dk Fin Ch


Perdita’s Kiss me better







Bianka and Oliver are 2 years old now!

Click to the two pics of them to see more photos:

















Pictures of Our E-litter: the first 3 weeks

You can see the photos on this picasa album

Please click the photo!






Our E-litter has arriwed!

WE have 7 healthy puppies, 4 black males and 3 liver females!







Dolly is 8 weeks pregnant already, just one week to go!!!

She has milk already, sleeps a lot and whelping room is ready!

Just waiting and waiting....












Dolly is 7 weeks pregnant, only 2 weeks to go! 

Puppies still available!



Click on tha photo under to see our Summer picasa album with children&dals






Dolly is 6 weeks pregnant, 3 weeks to go!

She wants to eat all the time and her belly is growing so fast! :-)







Dolly is pregnant!!!


She is 5 weeks pregnant and now we can see a little belly!



4 weeks to go!!!!!












Dolly 4 weeks after the mating


Hope she will get puppoies in the middle of July!






Nwe pics of our dogs at home.


Please click to the picture to see more photos in the picasa album!








We are planning our next, "E"-litter in the middle of summer, 2013!

Dolly has mated with Gavin and waiting for the puppies-born in the middle of July!

WE are waiting both black and liver spotted puppies too!


Puppies available, please contact us!


We are breeding dalmatiand of the rules of the FCI and Hungarian Kennel Club. Puppies fromour kennel can be leaves to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks with pedigree, microchipped, health-checked, devormes, vaccinated, puppy-pack and with a lot of advice! 


If the new owner want, we can make hearing test (Baer-test), pet passport and export pedigree.

Igény esetén nemzetközileg elismert hallásvizsgálat (BAER-teszt), állatútlevél, export pedigree kérhető!


We sell puppies only to warm, loving and caring new homes!


For more information please contact us!

+36/30 372-25-42





Divalinor Hallmark Tomorrow "Gavin"

(Perdita's All My Tomorrows & Timanka's Rainbow Diva)





CH Spotty Diamant Beauty Baby "Dolly"

(Liver Walking Of Ágómenti & Now Voyager)










 Latest updates:


14.12.2013.: new champion from us: Cloudy!

07.12.2013.: F-litter will be born around Christmas!!! 

19.08.2013.: E-Litter Picasa album of the first 3 weeks!!!

23.07.2013.:E-litter were born!!!

15.07.2013. : Dolly is 8 weeks pregnant, E-litter coming soon!!!

06.07.2013.: E-litter will arriwe in 2 weeks! So excited!

30.06.2013.: Dolly is pregnant, 3 weeks to go!

20.05.2013.: Dolly is mated, planning E-litter middle of July!

12.05.2013.: planned litter 2013 summer, show gallery, show results

16.01.2013.:dogs for sale

04.11.2012.: D-Litter is 3 weeks old, new photos and puppies for sale!!!

15.10.2012.: D-litter were born!

11.10.2012.: Our new site: STUD MALES 

06.10.2012.: New updates: photos of our dals, For sale puppies and upcoming litter!

25.09.2012.: "Surprise "litter"

01.04.2012.: Jasmine&Junior's puppies today are 23 dys old! Look at our pics-gallery!

27.03.2012.: New gallery of the puppies at 18 days old!

23.03.2012.: C-puppies are 2 weeks old !!!

16.03.2012.: C-litter at 1 week old!!! 

09.03.2012.: We got puppies!!!

03.03.2012.: Jasmine is 8 weeks pregnant!

02.02.2012.: Happy Families

30.01.2012.: Happy families, B-litter

14.01.2012.: PLanning litter 2012, For sale!

28.12.2011.: Planning litter 2012 spring, Oliver's site


11.12.2011.: puppies still for sale

17.11.2011.: Bianca's site

06.11.2011.: Puppies, planning litter 2012 spring, happy families

16.10.2011.: 6 weeks stand photos and gallery are online!

02.10.2011.: 1 month standard photos and puppy-gallery are online!

23.09.2011.: our B-litter is 3 weeks old

17.09.2011.: our puppies are 16 days old

14.09.2011.: puppies, news, show results, happy families

01.09.2011.: Our B-litter arriwed!

16.08.2011.: news, happy families

02.08.2011.: Dolly is pregnant! 

27.07.2011.: news, results, happy families

02.07.2011.. news, PUPPIES

29.05.2011.: New sites in our homepage Romeo, happy families, plans 2012!!!

22.05.2011.: WAFDAL WINNER SHOW Salzburg, Austria

01.05.2011.: show results!

16.04.2011.: show results

10.04.2011.: show results

19.03.2011. Home page and puppies,planning litter 

28.12.2010.: Photos from the puppies at the age of four weeks, look at our picasa webalbum!!! 

19.12.2010.: New puppy photos!!! (second and third weeks)

 30.11.2010.: Puppies were born!!!!

 23.11.2010.: 59. days, we are excited!!!

18.11.2010.: Jasmine is 54. days pregnant, only one week to go!

16.11.2010. Jasmine 50. days pregnant

06.11.2010.: Jasmine is 6 weeks pregnant 

18.10.2010.: Dolly's and Jasmine's results in Romania

27.09.2010. planning litter 

24.07.2010. Night CAC Show in Debrecen, Jasmine and Junior results

03.07.2010.: My new familymember, Jilloc's Vic Junior









Jázmin is 61 days pregnant, she is still eating very weell, her temperature is 37,5 C going down, milk is coming, just 1 or 2 days to go!!!!!!!!






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